Collins, S. (2008). Hunger Games. United States: Scholastic Books
Adolescence (12 – 18 Years)
[Science Fiction]
katnissI have issued this book to many Year 7 & 8 students in our school library. So many children were captivated by this book that I just had to read it!
Well I too could not stop reading it. A real page turner. The main characters are Katniss, Gale her hunting partner, and further into the story Peeta, a fellow tribute from district 12.
The setting of this amazing story involves a futuristic country Panem which is ruled by a government that has control of everything and everyone of the citizens. To continue this control the government holds an annual Hunger Games whereby every one of the 12 districts must choose a boy and a girl tribute. These contestants fight and challenge to the death in an massive arena, while being televised to the whole country. (think of the TV Series Survivor)
Familar but thought provoking themes are flowing through this book. Themes such as  government and freedom are compelling discussion topics.. The setting is in the future, however many characteristics of this futuristic life resonate with life today. For instance reality television is a cheap alternative of television today. Hunger Games is reality TV. Another popular theme with this age group, is beauty and teenage love while also being blood thirsty in many parts. I considered it to be a necessary part of the book. Much like a story about war.
However, Hunger Games was not intended for this age level but many parents were requesting this in the library and students arrived with the book anyway. It is a powerful story that works well for the older primary student 11 and over. This age group relate well to a hero and they can delve into a older teenage world in the safety of this book.  It certainly ticks all the boxes for encouraging reading.


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