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Opaheke School Library is a warm, friendly, busy library. It is open every school day to all students and staff. The primary purpose of having a School Library is to strengthen student learning.

Values of Reading

Opens up, feeds and sustains the imagination

Provides independent learning for life

Absorption, engagement and expression of new ideas

Helps, supports life-long interests

Enriches and deepens language skills for thinking, speaking and writing

Knowledge creates confidence to participate in every aspect of society

Enhances academic achievement

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Everyone will love this book and CD, especially the Juniors! Learn about the Kea, sing along or just listen.  Go to this link for further information about the Kea.

'Jean was just a normal New Zealand girl. She loved lying on the grass in her back yard and gazing into the clouds. She would daydream that she was a bird, gliding high, high up in the sky.'
Jean dreams of flying p.2

This and Ed climbs a big hillare in the library on display then they will be filed in the non-fiction area.

2013written and printed in NZhistory too!

Rugby and Soccer Fans!

If you want to improve your skills in sport, come to the library and check out our knew series called 'How to Improve'

The Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman reads from 'The Graveyard Book'-  (approx. 5 minutes- You Tube video)

 [YA Fantasy]

The wee boy is awoken by noises. He toddles off exploring the house in the middle of the night, unwittingly escaping certain death because he wondered outside-outside into a nearby graveyard.

Neil Gaimans book follows the young life of 'Bod' Owens who is now an orphaned infant being raised in a graveyard- by ghosts! Within the spooky walls of the graveyard, Bod is safe. He is unaware that the person who killed his family is still trying to find him too.

His life within the graveyard and the impending danger that awaits Bod over the walls of his home entice the reader to imagine and invest feelings and thoughts into this story.

 How can Bod ever resume a life beyond these walls? How can Bod ever be safe?
If you enjoy this genre and titles such as Harry Potter, Hunger Games or The Jungle Book,  I would recommend this award winning novel for children of 11-12 years. A stunning…